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Americorp International Group dedicates itself to accommodating clients for their concierge needs. Our corporate concierge programs are becoming increasingly recognized; seen as essential tools used to enhance businesses.

Corporate Concierge

AIG’s corporate concierge programs serve as new methods to elevate businesses, corporations, and work environments. Clients that have the need to enhance the lives of their customers and their employees look to us as an essential business tool. We are proud to play active roles in maximizing productivity and profitability for various corporate clients including world banks, luxury resorts, residential communities, and other major corporations worldwide.

Custom Programs

Corporate concierge programs are customizable to match the specific needs of each client.

Some of our services include:

  • Event Management & Promotion
  • Complete Program Management & Tracking, including Program Reporting & Analysis
  • Numerous Financial Models & Payment Structures
  • White-Label Solutions/Branding
  • Unique marketing & Corporate Solutions such as membership cards for users

Employee Benefits

At Americorp International, we strive to create solutions that have positive impacts on employees. Our team looks to create a rewarding initiative that assists staff in being focused, happy, and more productive.

Our corporate programs have shown to benefit both employees and employers by:

  • Increased Employee Efficiency & Productivity
  • Increased Employee Motivation & Satisfaction
  • Talent Acquisition, Retention Tools, & Innovative Employees

Customer Relationships

As a strategic consulting company, Americorp International recognizes the necessity to build strong relationships with the key clients. Corporate concierge services assist in a variety of purposes from customer retention to creating business relationships. Among an assortment of different industries including real estate, IT, banking, financial sectors, insurance, entertainment, and law; corporate concierge programs have been developed successfully and show positive long-term results.

Benefits businesses observe from their concierge program include:

  • Brand integrity & influence
  • Advanced business objectives
  • Customer retention
  • Development of an alliance with customers
  • Targeted, personal client solutions

Not every concierge company is created equal.

Americorp International strives to be a global provider of concierge solutions. A variety of membership options, corporate solutions, and luxury VIP services are available by request. Our services are tailored to your needs as is our pricing; clients can use our services as needed. Fully customizable membership programs offering unique amenities and services are available at AIG. Our relationships and industry exposure allow us to deliver the unattainable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our intake department is available anytime to take requests and discuss options. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, bookings or agreements to a deadline may be required to which we will respond with more information.