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General Staffing

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General Staffing

In today's business climate; having a company waiting to work with you that is honest, open, and will consistently deliver is a major asset to have.

One who will follow up, be available at a moment's notice, and have your satisfaction be their ultimate goal, while simultaneously creating a rewarding, fun, and exciting experience - that's Americorp International Group.

staffing and workforce support

Americorp International Group's staffing and workforce support division is a premier provider of quality talent to industries around the world. AIG assists in managing dynamic talent need in an ever-changing business environment, ensuring rapid access to superior talent. We deliver through our comprehensive knowledge of staffing trends, coupled with an extensive pool of highly qualified candidates. Our ability to adapt quickly and yield positive business results produces a team unmatched in global perspective. Our diversity allows insight into international and local markets, giving Americorp International Group the capability to disperse resources to any workforce situation.

Whether permanent, temporary, or specialized staff; we implement the finest talent into positions where they are most suitable and efficient. Optimizing efficiency, AIG increases productivity in a workplace while minimizing costs.

Each candidate is subjected to several levels of screening and background checks, ensuring the security of our client's assets before assignment. Our competitive advantage comes from our recruitment process, screening, selection, and verification methods. Safety and risk management programs offer an unparalleled level of commitment to keeping work environments and employees safe. Whether a local office or an enterprise, AIG possesses the capability to serve worldwide with solutions specifically tailored our client's needs.

Our Mission

Our Staff Mission

Our mission is to ensure fairness, equality, and diversity while engaging, compensating, and motivating a top performing workforce. We endeavor to understand and foresee the development needs of all our employees while delivering creative programs to meet these requirements. We strive to develop and maintain a work culture of fairness and inclusion where every employee knows their value, respected for their ideas and perspective.

AIG's recruiting expertise and knowledge of talent trends combine to provide clients with a diverse and highly qualified candidate pool. Our recruitment process and delivery options ensure candidates are readily available at a client's request; resulting in a competitive advantage through increased agility and productivity.

A Candidate Recruitment Process That Works For You.


After considering your company's culture and objectives, we take an opportunity to observe your workplace to gain a full understanding of open positions. We analyze each assignment meticulously with the continual goal of getting to know your company, business objectives and talent requirements to help you thrive.


A recruitment plan is assembled based on observations about your business. Once completed, we tap into our extensive and reliable pool of candidates to identify potential employees.


Once we determine the needs of a company, candidates are put through further screening to assess their skills and suitability for the open position. References, education, and experience all play a factor into suitability.


Our proven assessment methods match a candidate's abilities and personal attributes to the assignment in question, to ensure they are the superior individual for your needs and work environment. Top candidates are presented to clients, allowing an opportunity to verify suitability further. AIG is capable of overseeing further interview processes by client request.

Support & continuous follow-up

Americorp International Group's quality control team ensures the candidates chosen are performing well and satisfying their employers. Our guarantee is confirming smooth transitions and superb performance.

Delivery options customized to your needs


AIG's competitive advantage stems from addressing the specific and tailored needs of our clients. Our ability to source and manage talent promptly ensures that customers have the proper individuals for a given assignment when they need them.

Overseas Capabilities

With a vast network allowing for instant access to local and international candidates, the necessity for qualified talent to areas abroad is satisfied. AIG is prepared to implement candidates at a moment's notice regardless of market location or size.


Staffing needs are as unique as a business itself. Due to this, AIG takes into account every aspect of business when developing service profiles. With our range of flexible services, prompt responsiveness, and aggressive recruiting; AIG offers the full service of a specialty firm with the convenience of one phone call. A viable and sensible alternative; AIG's staffing implementation results in companies becoming capable of concentrating further on priorities. Whether a single experienced professional or 50 bilingual representatives, AIG has the diversity of talent to provide what is necessary. Our workforce solutions are dependable and provide you with flexibility to move forward without fret.

Permanent Placement

While locating the right talent is essential, keeping turnover low is a complication that companies consistently have to manage. AIG's proven expertise in recruiting, assessing, and qualifying candidates is an efficient process that delivers long-term on-the-job success.


Our contract-to-permanent solutions allow clients to experience first-hand suitability and potential of full-time hires. This process allows for a better assessment of their skills, compatibility, and capabilities before committing to full employment.

Workforce Management

AIG provides customized workforce management solutions that can address all areas of your workforce strategy. We work with you to provide a broad range of solutions to increase proficiency, productivity, and agility.

A partnership with Americorp International Group can give your company:

Improved Productivity

With 60 years of combined experience and offices both in the United States and abroad; we have developed a pool of associates immensely qualified and experienced for positions high demand in today's marketplace. We are consistently screening and assessing current and future candidates to ensure that your talent needs are readily accessible.

Improved Skills

Our training and development center has a plethora of courses available allowing for candidates to maintain and hone their skills, preparing them to be most efficient when hired.

Improved Results

Talent solutions that uphold your business strategy are required to keep pace with the complexity of the modern workplace. AIG will work closely with you as a competent partner to deliver the productivity necessary to uncover opportunities and increase efficiency. We address this by implementing the highest quality candidates for your needs.

Americorp International Group Workforce Solutions

Assessment and Recruitment

Our recruitment, assessment, and selection methods are proven to ensure that talent with the required skills is applied with the intention to add value to your business.

Workforce Training & Professional Development

AIG offers a variety of resources, from online training for small businesses to specifically designed programs for larger corporations.

Workforce Consulting

AIG strives to improve work models through alignment of your workforce and business strategies. Clients often discover increased agility and competitiveness in their staff and ultimately their entire organization.

Career Management

We guide your business by responding to changing market conditions and emerging opportunities. Through skillful mobilization and an understanding of workforce needs, AIG minimizes turnover and increases productivity.

At AIG we consider our partner's success as an extension of our success. Strong partnerships and effective communication are what allows AIG and its clients to achieve its goals. We develop an understanding of your business and its requirements and design a custom solution to deliver the talent you need to succeed.

Companies Are Facing A Common Dillema: How Do I Remain Competitive And Execute My Business Strategy In The Face Of Margin Compression, Talent Shortage, And Economic Uncertainty?

The solution is to access, mobilize, and optimize the right mix of talent and unleash human potential.

Staff placement services

AIG provides temporary, temporary-to-hire, and permanent placement services to individuals worldwide. Through our far-reaching network of branches, client-dedicated locations, and employment of a variety of recruiting experts, AIG is a top provider of outsourcing, staffing, and consulting across all the key industries.

AIG's recruiting experts skillfully unite talent and business, finding candidates that will seamlessly integrate with your organization's culture, team, and goals. We believe in supporting the communities where we live and work, and through community involvement, we allow for individual personal development and the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding within their community.


We conduct business per the highest ethical standards. Employees adhere to a Global Code of Conduct that assists each with making sound decisions amid complex situations involving company and business. We collectively share a passion for succeeding that extends across all borders. Our customers, business partners, and colleagues all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, and we ensure that each AIG representative is cognizant and respectful of the culture and society in which they operate. Welcoming the diversity of opinions and ideas helps us perform at our optimal level, exceed our customers' expectations, and become a better, stronger, well-rounded company. Our company provides equal employment opportunities, with zero tolerance for discrimination against anyone by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, service member/veteran status, disability, national origin, genetic information, citizenship status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. This approach applies to everything we do including hiring, promotions, benefits, terminations, redundancies, recruiting, compensation and corrective action. For further information regarding our equal employment policies, employees may consult their Employee Handbook, or contact their Human Resources Representative.

Our efforts

We are uniquely positioned to advance to creating new opportunities for employment and economic development on an international scale.

Our approach

Our success derives from the diverse backgrounds, skills, and the experience of our employees. By valuing those differences, our strategies proactively work to drive our ongoing commitment to support causes that reflect our employee and community interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need talented people to accelerate my business. Can AIG help?

Yes! Fill out a form on the 'Contact Us' page at the top right. Inform us about your needs and you will be contacted shortly for further assessment.

What is the nature of AIG's business?

AIG provides the full suite of workforce solutions. We know how to meet any workforce challenge a company may face and can provide what the business needs from incidental staffing to consulting, to high-impact solutions that drive business success. AIG also matches talented candidates with positions that match their motivations and skills; making us the premier place to find a job.

How can I find my nearest AIG office?

Visiting the 'Contact Us' at the top right-hand corner of this page redirects users to a page containing addresses and contact information for locations closest to them. For further information, please call us or complete the 'Contact Us' form.

How can I find a job?

Those seeking employment opportunities should visit "Careers" at the top right-hand corner of this page, and apply via the online application process. Potential employees are subject to background checks, screening, and interviews.

Can you find a job for me in another country?

Potential employees legally authorized to work in different countries must provide legal documentation ensuring their status in the country in question. Potential employees will be subject to background checks and screening. If you are unsure of your legal status or authorization to work in another country, contacting the country's consulate or embassy may provide insight into their work permit requirements. While AIG does not sponsor job applicants for work visas, candidates with higher level IT and technical skills are encouraged to apply online for opportunities in their destination countries as these skills, in particular, are in high demand.

How can I get free training from AIG?

AIG provides a variety of free training programs for its employees, with hundreds of courses available through our Global Training and Development Center. Online courses may be available depending on the course in question.