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Naseer Durani

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Naseer Durrani


Naseer began his career working for construction and logistics companies in Afghanistan. Here he realized how difficult accomplishing routine tasks were when the security of your employees and assets were at risk. Naseer established Guard Force International to meet the growing needs of Afghanistan. Guard Force International provided security solutions to government facilities and multinational corporations, enabling them to excel in one of the world’s most hostile environments. Guard Force International protected and trained thousands of people in Afghanistan. When Naseer came to the United States, he tailored his strategies and training system forming and managing successful security and logistic companies. Today, Naseer is a seasoned veteran with intensely valuable experience in building, rebuilding, and protecting assets and resources. He has consistently assumed increasingly challenging and sophisticated roles in business and now he is the Chief Executive Officer of Americorp International Group, Inc and Armored Group International, Inc. His expanded capability and true value in service is available to the world at the most critical levels and times and ongoing.


Formed and developed a logistics company serving as a one stop shop for businesses. Created procedure to directly provide security services and serve as a resource, subcontracting various other services


Manage development and operational decisions of California based company that provides security-related services including investigation, guard, patrol, lie-detection, alarm, as well as armored transportation.


Formed and developed one of the first Afghan private security companies in Kabul, Afghanistan. Assisted in training and developing strategies for services such as transportation, mine detection dogs, physical security presence, and surveillance technology

Summary of Assignments:

  • Completed duties in the ongoing management of “Class A” grade commercial security operations
  • Supported exponential growth in scale for new Los Angeles based security operation
  • Formed and completed large scale projects in Afghanistan relative to energy and military operations
  • Cooperated with Triple Canopy – Worked with DynCorp – Worked with Raytheon -Worked with and trained with Blackwater
  • Formed and developed a large scale international mining, construction, and consulting firm
  • Highly successful coordination and cooperation with foreign and other interest concerns across international areas
  • Created and successfully managed and operated a broad based international safety and security company



Training in sustainable solutions and secure logistics management with a primary focus in security, mission support, and training services


Safety and Law Enforcement Credible Leadership – MAGNUS


Computer Science, Bachelor of Science


Advanced Emergency Preparation and Readiness


Various Advanced Research and Graduate Studies


  • Path of Steadily Increasing Responsibility:
  • Officer-Post Commander-Operations Manager-General Manager-CEO
  • Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Public Relations (Community & Customer)
  • Department of Consumer Affairs – Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Annual Firearms Requalification
  • Fire Safety Course
  • Course in the Use of a Stun Gun or Air Taser
  • Continuing Education

ACADEMI &Other Advanced Safety & Battle Training

  • Advanced Leadership Skill Development
  • Small Arms and Advanced Small Arms Operation
  • Training and Instruction – Expert Level
  • Executive Protection
  • Diplomatic Security Training
  • Blackwater BTC CQD (Close Quarter Defense) & other advanced courses CQD Full Circle Theory- Comprehensive and Development Phases
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Written and Practical Evaluation

Ag certified/vetted agency learning and certification curriculum officer ascension path

  • Armored Group Online Academy
  • Credible Leadership I
  • Active Shooter
  • Science of Tactical Communications
  • Alarm Response
  • Adv Tactical Communications 1-10
  • Corporal
  • Credible Leadership IV
  • Learning to Sharpen your Focus and Concentration
  • Develop a Mindset for Excellence
  • How to Build Super Self-Confidence
  • Techniques of Interview and Interrogation
  • Sergeant
  • Credible Leadership III
  • Crime Free Patrol Alliance
  • Learning to Think Powerfully
  • Set Goals for Life Achievement
  • Lieutenant
  • Credible Leadership II
  • The Leader’s Compass
  • Learning to Thrive under Pressure System
  • Mental Rehearsal for Success
  • Command College
  • Captain, Commander, Management, And Leadership
  • FEMA and NIMS Training
  • Education and Government
  • Spirit of The Warrior
  • Leading High Adventure Services
  • Field Command
  • Command College
  • CPLE International (Conditional)
  • North Star Leadership

Advanced Education, Training, & Certifications

  • The Impact of Globalization on the Built Environment
  • Methods of Policy Analysis
  • Environment and Society
  • Urban Design Seminar
  • Learning by Comparison: First World/Third World Cities
  • International Trade
  • The Challenge of World Poverty
  • Applied Macro- and International Economics II
  • Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies
  • Global Strategy and Organization
  • Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of Firms
  • Managing Global Integration
  • Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Asia-Pacific
  • Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Operations Strategy
  • The Politics of Global Financial Relations
  • Political Economy of Globalization
  • Labor and Politics
  • Globalization
  • Working in a Global Economy
  • Globalization, Migration, and International Relations
  • International Politics and Climate Change
  • Cyberpolitics in International Relations: Theory, Methods, Policy
  • Topics in Culture and Globalization
  • European Imperialism in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • East Asia in the World
  • Globalization: The Good, the Bad and the In-Between

Advanced Education, Training, & Certifications

NIMS Core Curriculum Courses comprised of ICS, NIMS, and All-Hazards Position Specific (AHPS) courses.


  • Strong relations in country with ministries, dignitaries, and government officials
  • Built and maintains a vast network all across Afghanistan that crosses cultural, ethnic, religious, and political boundaries
  • Strong relations in country with the Pashtuns
  • Naseer is a veteran global traveler of the world






Travel, Charity, Volunteering, Technology, Reading, & Martial Arts

Other Information & Critical Skills


English, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, & Hindi


Risk Management, Strategic Thinking, Effective Communications, Team Leadership, & Adaptability