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Americorp International Group is consistently seeking to establish exceptional, long term relationships with new subcontractors and suppliers.

We work extensively to develop strong relationships, and our competitive strength is accomplished through compiling a diverse group of qualified vendors. By registering with AIG, we increase the potential of business for your firm with absolutely no charges or obligations involved. Our team of marketing professionals and salespeople are unmatched; ensuring no stone is unturned in each industry we serve. Our ability to amalgamate our networks into one large prime contractor results in the best opportunity to attain awards from clients that firms may have had difficulty achieving prior to working with AIG. By being registered with a plethora of trade membership organizations relevant to each industry, AIG can tailor each firm's proposals for the best opportunity for success. AIG is also a proud supporter of international charities and NGOs that lead the way for humanitarian efforts across the globe. All subcontractors and suppliers must be prequalified annually and be eligible to bid and contract work with AIG.

Vendors Registration

Eligibility criteria to register as a vendor:
  • Business enterprises must currently be incorporated, or registered as a company (corporation, limited, partnership) and can prove that it has been and is offering goods/services under the business name.
  • Vendors must be able to prove that they have engaged in their business activity for not less than one year.
  • Vendors should have operated with a positive operating income for the respective periods noted on the form and must provide Annual Reports and/or audited financial statements or certified tax filings for that period which will be subject to financial review. Financial ratios (e.g., Return on Investment, Return on Equity) must be within the acceptable range for the relevant industry sector. Americorp ordinarily uses ratios published by Dun and Bradstreet Financial Information Services as a guideline for financial rating.
  • Vendors must provide evidence of insurance coverage for the following categories: Comprehensive General Liability and Workers' Compensation.
  • Vendors must provide client references for work which was completed within the last twelve-month period. (References may be contacted and responses evaluated).
  • Vendors must legally be able to conduct business in the country for which they are registering.
  • BBB accredited?
Yes No
  • Able to provide assistance during a disaster or emergency?
Yes No
  • Sales tax permit/tax certificate?
  • Business license from your county?
Yes No
  • Proof of insurance?
Yes No
Service Type

Be informed that all information received is used purely for qualification purposes and will be treated with the upmost confidentiality. Please note; any information not submitted may significantly delay the review process. Include any information you determine useful for the evaluation of your firm. Although registration does not guarantee collaboration with AIG, you will be considered as a potential resource when future opportunities align with your firms capabilities. Be aware that additional information may be requested and a detailed inquiry may be required for the award of specific projects.