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At Americorp International Group, we strive to find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for our customers.

When the packaged E-commerce solutions pose limitations to attaining the client’s agenda, we fight back to offer custom web development. Custom design is not about re-inventing the wheel, but applying proven platforms and frameworks that deliver promising solutions.

Here are some of the advantages of custom web development from Americorp International Group.

No Compromises, No Limitations, No Shortcuts.

Custom web development services from AIG do not conform to a particular platform capability or template; our team provides the design vision our clients seek with security in mind.

Proven Delivery Framework

With several years experience and hundreds of custom web development projects accomplished, AIG has drastically improved its delivery methods. Employing a series of web application frameworks reduce the time necessary for development while maintaining the high-quality standards we strive to achieve.

Integration With Web Services & Evternal Apis

Our custom web development services allow us to link our client’s site to external interfaces; services such as Amazon, UPS, and PayPal. Our team has the capability to create custom data feeds and integrate third party plugins.

Scalability. Extendibility. Performance.

We build our customer websites keeping expected user traffic in mind. Your website may require capabilities to withstand hordes of users or implement a strategy for its future growth. We assist with selecting the best hosting plan that will meet the project’s current and future requirements.

Lifetime Bug Support

With AIG behind your website’s code, we are better positioned to identify where and how issues arise. While this does not often happen, if glitches occur AIG provides lifetime free support for websites we develop.

Website Redesign

At Americorp International, we offer premier website redesign services at affordable rates. With these restructuring services, our objectives include upgrading the look and feel of your site while implementing performance improvements. Our services range from adjusting the bits and parts of your website to a complete overhaul if necessary.

Our redesign service is a 3-step process:

We Analyze Your Current Website:

We observe your current website to assess and analyze its strengths and flaws. We consider its overall design, accessibility, functionality, and usability. Our team evaluates the navigation system and proceeds to outline the course of actions for the website redesign process.

We Interact With Our Clients

We present our clients with our evaluations and explain the necessary adjustments in response to our assessments. We then provide a plan of action tailored to our client’s needs and in combination with our assessment. Through these interactions, we draft the outcome, define milestones, and set work schedules.

We Begin Our Redesign Process

We begin the redesign process based on the evaluation report and subsequent discussions with our client. Our web designers work with one another and the client to discover the right balance between the aesthetic appeal of the website and performance.

Website Maintenance

In a time where the Internet plays such an important factor in a business portfolio, a poorly designed website can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. For a truly successful online presence, it’s vital to start with a solid foundation: quality web design, site security, and ongoing site maintenance. If a company’s goal is to utilize the internet by keeping their brand contemporary and protected from external threats; AIG is the solution.

At Americorp International we undertake a varied range of website tasks for maintaining sites including:

  • Updating website content with proper keywords, alluring details, and accurate information.
  • The addition of compelling pages that reach the target audience coupled with the addition of dynamic features.
  • Optimization of website pages to target primary search engines.
  • Development of tools used for generating business reports, allowing transparent monitoring of site progress
  • The addition of interactive features utilized for increased user satisfaction.
  • Creation of responsive website design for convenient use and viewing on tablets and smartphones.

Responsive Web Development

Let us help you create a responsive website design for convenient use and viewing on any tablet or mobile phone. What to expect from our website design services:

  • Responsive website designs that adapt content to any screen size
  • Modern mobile website development solutions and technologies
  • New user attraction while on the road
  • Experienced development team to professionally handle your project
  • Website design for mobile internet

All the websites that we have developed are mobile responsive. With trends leaning towards mobile browsing, AIG ensures that our sites are innovative, responsive, and most importantly easy to use. Americorp International Group will make sure that your users quickly find the information they search for, surf through your offers with ease, and finalize their transactions without frustrations.

Usability On All Mobile Devices

We understand the importance of staying in front of your competition, which is the number one reason we make sure that our customers’ websites are convenient to use and view. With our responsive website design, we develop mobile sites that are functionally and visually in line with your website but don’t suffer the setbacks of any application. Our sites can easily be accessed and shared on social media platforms and all search engine algorithms can scan their content for the landing pages as well as entire websites.

With the help of responsive website development, we make sure that your website is appealing and functional on all mobile devices, both old and new. We also ensure that quality of images or text is compromised regardless the screen size.

Website Security

As technology advances, unfortunately, so do methods to compromise your security. Secure website development is a priority to our ongoing service provision. No client wants to have to deal with infringement, hacked websites, data theft, unscheduled maintenance, breakdowns, and potentially business-related damages. We regularly back up our servers – and in the case of an unlikely situation recovery being inevitable, we will restore your digital asset easily and quickly. Our secure web development involves:

  • E-mail injection protection
  • SQL injection protection
  • Hide Passwords
  • Files upload abuse protection
  • Keeping your server up to date
  • Cookie/Session hijacking protection
  • CMS Publishing
  • User input validation
  • Limit access to your server
  • URL Encoding abuse protection

We allow you to run your Content Management System right from your house, away from the Internet and have access to your site as flat or semi-flat files. This significantly reduces the chance for potential attacks. For additional information regarding our secure website development, feel free to use our contact form.

Cyber Threats

Americorp International recognizes the necessity to have website development that doesn’t give up security. Broken or hacked websites that result in a company’s information becoming compromised can have devastating effects on its reputation and assets. Americorp International stands by its work and takes full responsibility for every line of code written. We build secure websites and will relentlessly fight to restore your service promptly in the occasion that a site does become compromised.