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Americorp International Group provides tiered levels of quality services ranging from fully maintaining your plant to remote monitoring and a wide range of performance-boosting upgrades to ensure turbines run smoothly.

Our team offers a customized and flexible maintenance and operations support that meets your particular needs.

Americorp International Group operated both internationally and locally and shares its expertise and experience in order to create the best possible solutions for our customers. We believe in long-term investment in our assets, knowledge and personnel to make sure that we are at par with our clients’ needs and preferences.

Our major objective is to attain a preferred international supplier of skilled and qualified personnel to the world wide turbine industry. Our aim is to meet and surpass our client’s expectations.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Make sure that your wind turbines are in perfect working condition by using our Inspection services. Americorp International Group inspects over 3000 wind turbines each year across the globe and evaluation of over 24 GW capacities in wind farms, our expertise and knowledge is tremendously growing.

  • Safeguard and evaluate

    Americorp International Group also offers inspection services that help you safeguard and evaluate the technical status of your investments. Our services entail the entire life of the turbine, beginning from before the wind farm is built.

  • Turbine Inspection Types

    We provide wind turbine inspection services which occur at a variety of intervals during the life of the turbine. Sometimes these services require video end scoping for further details results. This is what we use for a complete all-round assessment of eh gearbox.

Wind Turbine Maintenance

Americorp International Group specializes in the assessment and maintenance of towers and utility-scale wind turbines using industry-best rope access capabilities. Americorp International Group rope access teams offer cost-effective and expedient services since they do not depend on cranes or lifts to handle and complete most of their work. The work is completely safe, efficient and economical with a primary focus on lowering downtime of the asset. We have certified technicians who are committed quality services, professionalism and exceptional customer care.

Wind Turbine Blade Services

Americorp International Group Solutions is an expert company in keeping the turbines in optimal working condition. Blades without any repair or maintenance will not last the expected lifetime. With the revisions of your turbine blades by Americorp International Group Solutions you do not need to worry anymore. Americorp International Group blade service extends the shelf life of your investment and improves your return.

Americorp International Group services work effectively and quickly. Where necessary, we’ll minimize your burden of failure. Whether it’s a preventive maintenance or servicing of a failure, with our Solutions you have a solid partner who quickly maintains and repairs your blades using our blade service.

Wind Turbine Offshore Services

Americorp International Group Wind Services provide professional and bespoke offshore services. We have gained years of experience in this industry working within the Oil & Gas industry. We can recognize the various transferrable skills and services required in the offshore renewable industry. Our team is very skilled and experienced to work offshore and stick to our detailed safe working practices.

By using our skilled and experienced off shore maintenance experts none of the issues you may be facing will be a problem at all. Once these technicians are on board with the wind turbines, there is totally no need for an expensive badge nearby. Trust that each and every Americorp International Group offshore technician has relevant the required set of skills and experience to deliver top quality offshore services.